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Map of Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks Forecast Map

The interactive map above shows the current air quality forecast for Sevenoaks. The county is coloured to show its level which is either "Low", "Moderate", "High" or "Very High".

If it is currently "Moderate" or higher you can click on the county to see the detailed forecast for air quality.

Key for forecast map

What is airAlert?

airAlert is a FREE service, provided by Sevenoaks District Council, that will send free messages to your mobile or home telephone, informing you that poor air quality is predicted in your area.


Register for airAlert

You can register FREE for airAlert on this website. Please go to the registration page and fill out your details. Your data will be securely stored online and you will be able to log in and change your airAlert delivery and account details.


Download the airAlert app

It is FREE to register for the airAlert service please go to the registration page to fill out your details to receive the alerts via your choice of SMS, voice messaging, or email. Otherwise, download the airAlert app Your data will be stored securely. iOS and Android




Current airAlert

Low airAlert icon No airAlerts are currently active for Sevenoaks

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