airAlert service for Surrey

When is an airAlert sent?

Day of forecast

Forecasts of air quality are made by ERG from Monday to Friday. Forecasts are made about lunchtime and cover the next day and beyond:

Forecast MadeTypical StartTypical End
Monday 1pmMonday MidnightTuesday Midnight
Tuesday 1pmTuesday MidnightWednesday Midnight
Wednesday 1pmWednesday MidnightThursday Midnight
Thursday 1pmThursday MidnightFriday Midnight
Friday 1pmFriday MidnightMonday Midnight

An alert will be generated for an area if air quality is forecast to be moderate or above. Alerts don't happen every day, and in an average year we would send about twenty.

    You will be sent the alert if:
  1. There is an alert for an area you subscribe to and
  2. You have selected to receive alerts on that day and
  3. The alert level matches the alert level you have subscribed to and
  4. You don't have an active alert holiday

You can select and unselect which days you will be sent an alert by editing your subscription.

Time of forecast

You can also choose when you are sent an alert by editing the distribution hour setting of your subscription. You can set this to be from 2pm the same day through till 1pm the next day e.g. if an alert is created on Monday and you have selected 9am next day you would get a message at 9am on Tuesday. Times are approximate and voice mail in particular may suffer some delays.

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